The Time is Now

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

Mom would be making chicken and gravy or red beans and rice when she'd tell me, the older you get, the faster the years go by.

Yes, Ma'am, my 16-year-old self would say, knowing everything about everything at that point. An hour is an hour, a day is 24 of them, it doesn't really change Ma, my smart ass would think (but knew better than to say). It was almost 20 years later that I began to understand. My oldest child was nearly ten by then and my "baby" was starting kindergarten. There was also another one on the way. Where did the time go, I remember thinking, when I realized that a decade had passed between my first and last-born.

A quiet Sunday afternoon by Lake Pontchartrain.

Fast forward double digit years from then. My youngest "baby" is at the very age that I was when I knew everything about everything. The older ones have traveled to countries that I've never been to and are doing what they love and are (pretty much almost) paying their own bills in some of the nation's most expensive cities. I also just realized that my last blog entry was nearly 8 months ago and I keep counting on my fingers to make sure it really is going on 8 months (it is). It literally feels like just a few weeks ago and I sit here thinking, where did the time go?

Culture Club's "Time (Clock of the Heart)" is playing as I compose this entry and recall where the time did, in fact, go. When I first heard Boy George singing that time makes lovers feel - like they got something real I knew exactly what he meant (not at all). I was the same age as when mom starting telling me that the older you get, the faster the years go by (which I got even less). My personal experience of coming to feel and understand both sayings and my realization that the "last few weeks" have actually been almost 8 months reminds me of something else I heard along the way...

We almost always think we have more time than we really do.

Even though I believe that there are many healthy decades ahead of me, I'm immediately reminded of how fast the time can slip away and how important it is to make sure that I'm laser focused (at least aware) of how I'm living in the only time that matters... right now. Although I really never connected my thoughts and feelings about it in this way until now, I see the idea of That Good Food Life as how I'd be living if I knew that I had a week, a day or an hour left… fully present... in the company of loved ones, with great food, drink and music, brimming with joy and filled with gratitude... thankful for this moment in time.

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